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1st TIme Athletes REad Below
Crossovers - True Novice - Divisions - Show Day - Music - Registration - Tanning - NPC Card

WHAT IS A CROSSOVER - Crossovers are when an athletes enters more than one athletic competition. For example:  A female competitor may want to enter Womens physique and womens figure.   A male competitor may want to enter Body building and Mens physique.  Why do that?  Well, some athlete body types are able to work in more than one athletic competition so crossing over gives them more chances to compete and win.  Crossovers are very common.


WHAT IS TRUE NOVICE - True Novice is a new division for athletes who have never competed in an NPC competition. If this is your first time on stage, this division is for you.


NOVICE vs. OPEN.  What's The Difference?  Novice is obviously for any first time athlete but it's not just first time only.  An athlete who has never placed first in their class in a novice, open, or masters division. Open is for anyone.  First time competitors can enter the open divisions.  Most athletes enter both novice and open divisions in each competition their in.


WHAT DIVISION SHOULD I ENTER? - Divisions are broken down by height or by weight.  The height is easy enough to figure out but the weight is sometime tricky.  By competition time your weight might have changed enough that you need to change your division.  That TOTALLY OK.  We can handle that at weigh-in.  That's what it for.


SHOW DAY - What Should I Expect? - Show days start early so go to bed early the night before.  Have your make-up and hair done by the morning athletes meeting.  You may not have time to do it afterwards.  The day will start with a meeting.  The Louisiana NPC Chairman will address the athletes and give everyone a run down of the day. Most athletes are wearing robes, or loose fitting shirts and pants to the morning meetings. Bring a bag with your food, water, and anything else you may need for the show.  Some barbells and hand weights will be provided in the backstage area.   The show schedule will tell you when you need to be where. So pay attention to it.  Athletes have missed their division by being in the lobby or hotel rooms and missed when their division was called. Be sure tto download the Muscleware app. It will help.


MUSIC - It's just for Body Building and Women's Physique.  Music should be uploaded to a link you will receive after you register.  IT can also be brought to your check-in on a thumb drive.  You'll have to indicate whether we start your music before you come on stage or once you're in place on the stage.  NO's - No profanity. (you will be disqualified for profanity)  The music must be edited.  No we will not changes songs for you in the middle of your routine.


REGISTRATION - All registration is done online at this website. Click on the registration link above to get registered.  If you make a mistake on your online registration it's OK.  We can fix that no problem.  You can still register on-site but there will be a late fee.  You can also enter more divisions at weigh-in.


TANNING - It's best to allow our official tanning team to handle your tan for the show.  NPC judges are used to a certain tan and color and Tracy Nelson Tan knows how to get that.  They do some of the biggest NPC and IFBB shows around.  You can book your tanning session by going to the tanning link on our registration page.  You'll sign up through their website and a few days before the show they will contact you to setup a tanning time.  The tanning is done on-site at the show location.  During the show the Tracy Nelson Team will be backstage to help you touch up your tan before you go on stage. Don't forget, you'll need some extra bed sheets and towels so that you don't ruin the hotel sheets with the tanning formula.


NPC CARD - all athletes that enter a show must purchase an NPC card.  You can register online at the NPC website for $125.  Every athletes has to get an NPC card every year, and that card will be valid for every NPC show you compete in during that year.


HOTEL - Our official hotel for the show is the Hilton.  You can book with our special rate by clicking on the Hotels link above.  You'll need some extra bed sheets and towels so that you don't ruin the hotel sheets with the tanning formula.


WEIGH-IN - Here's how this goes.  Everyone comes to the registration area at the show location (there will be signs posted) and we verify your weight and height and make sure everything is in order.  You can purchase an NPC card at that time, register for the show, or add additional division to your existing registration.  You'll get a chance to ask any questions you have and meet the judges and the OCC Show Promoter.  Weigh-in CAN NOT be missed or skipped!


CLASSIC MENS PHYSIQUE - So what's with this new division.  Well here's the details. In bodybuilding, competitors are divided by weight classes.  In Physique competitors are divided by height.  In Classic Physique, you compete by weight and height.  So every athlete entering a division must make weight and height.  Here is an example.  An athlete that is 5'6'' can enter Division A of classic physique IF they are also between 165.25lbs and 170lbs. A 5'6'' athlete that is under 165 lbs. cannot enter at all.   So in order to be in this division your weight must match up with your height.  If you register in Classic Physique and you are not able to make weight at the weigh-in we will help you change over to bodybuilding or regular physique.

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