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Saturday May 25th

Men's IFBB Prejudging 9A

Men's NPC Prejudging 10A

Women's IFBB Prejudging 11A

Women's NPC Prejudging 12p

FINALS - Doors open 5P - All Athletes  Finals Show 6p



Friday May 24th

NPC- weigh in 5p-630p at the Shreveport Convention Center

IFBB Check-in  630p at the Shreveport Convention Center

Saturday May 25th

IFBB / NPC. Men's check-in 8A

IFBB Men's Prejudging 9A

NPC Men's Prejudging 10A

IFBB / NPC Women's check-in 10A

IFBB Women's Prejudging 11A

NPC Women's Prejudging 12p

FINALS - All Athletes

Check in 5p

Finals 6p

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